Our consulting team comes with in-depth experience with a wide range of industry-specific applications and solutions tailored to achieve your business goals.

In support of our partners, Revolution R Enterprise and Zementis technologies, we provide product training and consulting services for predictive application development and implementation. Our consulting team comes with in-depth experience with a wide range of industry-specific applications and solutions, including credit risk scoring, marketing campaign optimization, forecasting, fraud detection and predictive process management.

Our consulting expertise also encompasses open source technology. Open source R has been building momentum as a must-have software technology for statisticians, data miners and data scientists. We offer not only generic product training and workshop services for those of you who are getting started on R, but also application and solution development and implementation services for business intelligence and predictive analytics, as on-premise or managed service. 

Open Data Kit (ODK) is another open source technology that is in our consulting repertoire. ODK enables you to author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions. With ODK, you can collect a variety of data, including  text, numbers, date/time, sounds, images, videos, GPS coordinates and even sensor data, using Android devices. Data collection forms can be easily designed in spreadsheets. And, collected data are uploaded to a web server and can be downloaded as needed for analysis. 


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