In partnership with most innovative software technology companies, we provide software technologies that enable our customers to deliver cost-effective and scalable Predictive Analytics applications and solutions in on-premise and cloud environments.


Revolution R Enterprise

Big Data Big Analytics Software

Revolution Analytics brings cutting-edge Big Data capabilities to open source R, a statistical computing language that has been embraced by a global community of statisticians and data scientists as a go-to software technology for computational statistics, visualization and data science. Revolution R Enterprise, Revolution Analytics' flagship software, provides a powerful Big Data Big Analytics platform:

  • Cost-effective, enterprise-capable scalable integration with leading Big Data technologies, including Hadoop and Teradata EDW 
  • Distributed parallelized analytics
  • "Write once, deploy anywhere" cross-platform support
  • Depth and breadth of open source R
  • Easily build and deploy with latest modern analytics


Empowering Big Data Insight

Zementis delivers software solutions for the agile deployment, integration and execution of predictive analytics. They provide a secure, fast and scalable platform for predictive model deployment:

  • ADAPA - Standards-based real time scoring engine for the execution and deployment of predictive models represented in Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML)  that are exported from commercial open source data mining tools

  • UPPI - PMML-based in-database scoring engine that seamlessly embeds predictive models in the database without necessitating data movement in and out of the database