Predictive Analytics is the buzzword that has taken the business world, large enterprises and SME alike, by storm.

You hear of numerous success stories of Predictive Analytics. 
A large retailer's marketing campaign optimization, a financial institution's risk management, a telco's churn management, a manufacturer's event management. And the list goes on.

Implementing successful Predictive Analytics solutions is no trivial task. There are challenges.

How would you integrate data you have inside your organization and external data, such as those on web sites and the social media?

With your data in place, what software technologies to leverage for data pre-processing, data visualization and model development? You are facing a variety of software tools of statistics, data mining and data science.

With reliable models built, how would you deploy predictive model results to end-users in such a way that is easy for them to understand? 

You see, there are many dots to connect in successful Predictive Analytics solution implementation.

In partnership with most innovative software technology companies, we are here to help you connect those dots. 


Product Training


In support of the software products we distribute, Revolution R Enterprise and Zementis technologies, we offer product training and workshops to get you started in predictive analytics.

Consulting Services


Our consulting team comes with in-depth experience with a wide range of industry specific applications and solutions, including credit risk scoring, marketing campaign optimization, forecasting, fraud detection and predictive process management. 


Revolution R Enterprise

Big Data Big Analytics Software


A data science platform that provides big data and deployment enhancements to the open source R


Empowering Big Data Insight


Software solutions for the agile deployment, integration and execution of predictive analytics